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In need of pick up and drop off Uniform Cleaning service at your business?

We’re here to help – You own your uniforms we clean them!

All American Cleaners will Pick-Up and Deliver, to companies, on a regular basis with no extra fees.

Uniform Cleaning Options and Service Areas:

Pressed, Hung or Washed & Folded– for companies in cities with All American Cleaner stores

Cities we have stores in – Artesia, NM, Carlsbad, NM, Eunice, NM, Hobbs, NM, Lovington, NM and Andrews Texas.

Washed & Folded– for companies outside the cities we have stores in but located in the Permian Basin.

Cities we offer Wash, Fold & Package Services – Artesia, NM, Carlsbad, NM, Eunice, NM, Hobbs, NM, Lovington, NM, Jal, NM, Andrews, TX, Big Spring, TX, Kermit, TX, Orla, TX, Midland, TX, Monahans, TX, Odessa TX, Pecos, TX, and anywhere in between. In short- we service the Permian Basin uniform cleaning needs.


Company invoicing
We only charge for delivered items. A company representative will sign a receipt of items dropped off. We will then invoice based off the signed invoices for that month.

Individual Invoicing
Charging individual requires a credit card on file. This is for companies that reimburse their employees for cleaning or don’t offer cleaning services to their employees, but 10 or more employees are willing to get their uniforms cleaned. 10 or more is based on a weekly basis.

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