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Linen Service for Man Camps and Hotels

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We Service the Permian Basin with Linen Cleaning- Man Camps and Hotels

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Do you have a Man Camp or Hotel that needs linen laundered on a regular basis? We can help!
You own the linen, we clean the linen. It’s that simple!

We specialize in cleaning commercial linen fast and at great rates.
Our drivers pick up and drop off on a regular basis.
We use hypoallergenic detergent.

We are your one stop shop for all your linen cleaning needs!

We Pick-Up, Wash, Dry, Fold and Package linen according to your specifications, and we Deliver on a regular basis.

We do it differently:
Most commercial laundry facilities want you to rent or lease linen plus a cleaning fee, delivery fee and other unnecessary fees.

We don’t! You own your linen and we clean your linen at great rates.


Linen cleaning service depends on number of items, numbers of packages or number of rooms per week.

How the Linen Service Works:

We service Carlsbad, NM, Big Springs, TX , Orla, TX, Andrews, TX, Monahans, TX, Pecos, TX, Kermit, TX, Hobbs, NM and anywhere in between. In short- we service the Permian Basin with all their linen needs.

We have a great linen service that is worth looking into.

We charge per item, package or room.

An example of a “bed package” includes:

1 flat sheet

1 fitted sheet

1 pillow case

2 towels

2 wash cloths

The package is charged at a flat rate per delivered package.

We can change the package to your specifications – adding items or subtracting items from the package above.

Blankets and Comforters are typically charged individually per item. We charge these items individually because the blanket or comforters stay on the bed and don’t get changed unless a new company/ customer takes over the room.

Our pricing includes Pick up, Wash, Dry, Fold, Packaged (example above) and Delivery. We can package how you desire so your room attendants can grab a package and know what’s in it. Making stripping beds and remaking them more efficient.


We want your business. Let us know what makes sense for you (per bed package, per item or per room package) and we’ll send you a quote.


We are working with man camp lodging facilities throughout the Permian Basin, and are saving them (in labor alone) $75,000 to $100,000+ per site, per year. That’s per site! If your hotel or man camp has more than one site, the potential to save money increases even more!

The figure above, of saved labor costs, doesn’t even include the potential money saved on the current employee’s housing, food and company benefits; not to mention the supplies needed, the utilities, and the maintenance on the machines, doing this kind of operation in-house.

If SAVING TIME and MONEY wasn’t enough; here are more reasons to use All American Cleaners – Linen Service:

– We can store your linen.

– We cut your labor costs dramatically.

– We will always have clean linen on hand.

– We deliver multiple times a week.

– We have the staff and facility to handle any amount

– Our plants run 20 hours a day.

We have everything you need to make this a great relationship – taking the headache of employees, supplies and maintenance off your mind.

We make it easy! Charging only for clean linen dropped off to the hotel, man camp or lodging facility. Billed by how you chose. i.e. per item, per bed package or per room package. Only charging for services provided nothing more. No hidden fees.
Commercial accounts are billed on a monthly basis.

We’re Here For All Your Linen Cleaning Needs.

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