Ways we can save your lodge money by getting your linens cleaned with our services. (Even if your lodge does their own linens) – 575.208.2725

Where We Service

We service the entire Permian and Delaware Basin with linen services – pick up and delivery on a daily or weekly basis depending on your lodge’s needs.

How We Charge

We charge for delivered items only. If we do not receive any linens from your lodge to clean – we do not charge. We have NO Service Fees, NO Delivery Fee, NO Additional Fees, NO Hidden Fees and NO Minimums!

We understand occupancy goes up and down and our services will go up and down with your occupancy. If you have low occupancy we will be picking up and delivering less.

“We ride the wave, of occupancy, with your lodge.”

How We Save Your Lodge Money

· No minimums – when your occupancy is low; we deliver and charge for less linen

· Equipment – no need to purchase equipment – we supply carts or bags for your dirty linen and

· Utilities – less water consumption and power being used and keep your sewage from being hauled off

· Maintenance on Equipment – keeping up with equipment in remote locations can be tough

· Employee Wages – cut your housekeeping staff down to just room attendance. If occupancy is low keeping staff around for linen when there is not much, to do, is hard on the bottom line.

· Employee Housing – rent your room out instead of using your facility to house your employees. If your lodge frees up 5 rooms to sell – that’s extra money in your pocket – keeping the investors happy.

· Employee Food – food cost is a huge expense – less employees means spending less on meals your lodge is not charging for.

More Efficient Staff

Our linen packages are set up to improve staff efficiency – How? Everything they need for the bed they are stripping is in the package we provide – including all linens and towels. (Comforters packaged individually) Just a basic clean? No problem! We have a linen package for that as well. Your staff will learn to grab and go – getting rooms turned over even faster. With rooms being turned faster your lodge could employ less room attendants – helping your bottom line.

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