Linen Rental

Now offering linen rental!

Now offering linen rental!

We’re now offering linen rental for all occasions and professions!

Whether your business is a spa, a hospital, restaurant, dorm, small catering service, or personal needs, we can furnish you with all of the linen needed to bring your business to the next level or simply make your everyday life a whole lot easier.

Because we understand the importance of positive presentation we dedicate strict superior standards in order to help you project a quality image and atmosphere.

Looking to Rent Linen or just have your Linen Cleaned?

Linen Rental is a fast and efficient way to get your dirty linen cleaned and turned around in a timely manner.

How WE do it:

Linen Rental – We pick up daily, weekly, or monthly. We have CLEAN linen stock. We pick up dirty and have clean on the truck. There is NO waiting for clean linen. We simply trade out.

Linen Cleaned – If you or your company has linen and you just want us to pick up dirty and return clean. WE CAN DO THAT! The turnaround time is one to two days depending on the amount.

  • Hotel Linen
  • Medical Linen
  • Medical Uniform Cleaning
  • Nursing Home
  • Other- Let us know what kind of service you’re looking for!


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